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 ID                                                 "Paper Title" ,   Authors

1      "Path Planning of Mobile Robot Group Based on Neural Networks", Mikhail Medvedev (Southern Federal University)*

6      "How to handle head collisions in VR",  Marek Kopel (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology)*; Bartłomiej Stanasiuk

           (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology)

8      "Security of Blockchain Distributed Ledger Consensus Mechanism in Context of the Sybil Attack", Michal Kedziora (Wroclaw

          University of Science and Technology)*; Patryk Kozlowski (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology); Piotr Jozwiak (Wroclaw

          University of Science and Technology)

9      "Constrained Evolutionary Piecemeal Training to Design Efficient Neural Networks", Dolly Sapra (University of Amsterdam)*;

           Andy Pimentel (University of Amsterdam)

10    "Calibration of a Microphone Array Based on a Probabilistic Model of Microphone Positions", KASTUHIRO DAN (Tokyo Institute of                 Technology)*; Katsutoshi Itoyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Kenji Nishida (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Kazuhiro Nakadai

           ( Honda Research Institute Japan)

11    "Hierarchical Learning of Primitives Using Neurodynamic Model", Fusei Nomoto (Tokushima University)*; Tadayoshi Yasuda         

           (Tokushima University); Shun Nishide (Tokushima University); Xin Kang (Tokushima University); Fuji Ren (Tokushima University)

12    "Generation of Musical Scores from Chord Sequences using Neurodynamic Model", Koji Masago (Tokushima University)*; Mizuho

          Amo (Tokushima University); Shun Nishide (Tokushima University); Xin Kang (Tokushima University); Fuji Ren (Tokushima University)

13    "Question Generation through Transfer Learning", Yin-Hsiang Liao (National Taiwan Normal University); Jia-Ling Koh (National Taiwan

          Normal University)*

15    "ConMerge – Arbitration of Constraint-Based  Knowledge Bases", Mathias Uta (Siemens AG)*; Alexander Felfernig (TU Graz)

16    "Using Deep Learning Techniques to Detect Rice Diseases from Images of Rice Fields", Kantip Kiratiratanapruk (NECTEC, Thailand);

          PITCHAYAGAN TEMNIRANRAT (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center); Apichon Kitvimonrat (National Electronics

          and Computer Technology Center); Wasin Sinthupinyo (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand)*

18    "Machine Learning for Water Supply Supervision", Thomas Schranz (Graz University of Technology)*; Franz Wotawa (Graz University

          of Technology, Institute for Software Technology); Gerald Schweiger (Graz University of Technology)

19    "User Grouping and Power Allocation in NOMA Systems: A Reinforcement Learning-Based Solution", Rebekka  O Omslandseter

          (Universitetet i Agder)*; Lei Jiao (University of Agder); Yuanwei Liu (Queen Mary University of London); John Oommen (Carleton


20    "Improved Grey Model by Dragonfly Algorithm for Chinese Tourism-demands Forecasting", Jinran Wu (Queensland University of

          Technology); Zhe Ding (Queensland University of Technology)*

22    "A Systematic Model to Model Transformation solving the Travelling Salesman Problems", Liwen Zhang (Berger-Levrault)*

24     "KIDER: Knowledge-Infused Document Embedding Representation for Text Categorization", Yu Ting Chen (National Taiwan

           University); 政文 林 (國立清華大學資訊系統與應用研究所); Yung-Chun Chang (Taipei Medical University)*; Wen-Lian Hsu (Academia


26    "Improving Variational Mode Decomposition-based signal enhancement with the use of Total Variation Denoising", Krzysztof

          Brzostowski (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)*; Jerzy Swiatek (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)

29    "New Approach for Determining 2-Optimality Consensus for Collectives", Dang Dai Tho (SICT)*; Dai Tho Dang (Department of

         Computer Engineering, Yeungnam University); Zygmunt Mazur (Faculty of Computer Science and Management, Wroclaw University

        of Science and Technology); Dosam Hwang (Department of Computer Engineering, Yeungnam University)

32    "Integrating Crowdsourcing and Active Learning into Life Events Classification of Individual Tweets: A Case Study for Job Loss Events

          Detection", YUNPENG ZHAO (University of Florida); Mattia Prosperi (University of Florida); Tianchen Liu (University of Florida);

          Yi Guo (University of Florida); Le Zhou (University of Minnesota); Jiang Bian (University of Florida)*

33    "Compressing and Interpreting SOM-Based Convolutional Neural Networks",  Ryotaro Kamimura (Tokai University)*

34    "A New Integer Linear Programming Formulation to the Inverse QSAR/QSPR for Acyclic Chemical Compounds Using Skeleton

          Trees", Fan Zhang (Kyoto University); Jianshen Zhu (Kyoto University); Rachaya Chiewvanichakorn (Kyoto University); Aleksandar     

         Shurbevski (Kyoto University)*; Hiroshi Nagamochi (Kyoto University); Tatsuya Akutsu (Kyoto University)

38    "Clustering-based data reduction approach to speed up SVM in classification and regression tasks", Adamo Santana (Fuji Electric)*;

          Souta  Inoue (Fuji Electric); Kenya  Murakami (Fuji Electric); Tatsuya Iizaka (Fuji Electric, Co. Ltd. ); Tetsuro Matsui ( Fuji Electric, Co.


39    "A Framework for Detecting User's Psychological Tendencies on Twitter Based on Tweets Sentiment Analysis", Thi Huyen Trang Phan

         (Yeungnam University)*; Van Cuong Tran (Quang Binh University); Dosam Hwang (Yeungnam University); Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen

         (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)

41    "Push Recovery and Active Balancing for Inexpensive Humanoid Robots Using RL and DRL", Amirhossein Hosseinmemar (University

         of Manitoba)*; John Anderson (University of Manitoba, Canada); Jacky Baltes (National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)); Meng,

        Cheng Lau (University of Manitoba); Ziang Wang (University of Manitoba)

45    "Text Sentiment Transfer Methods By Using Sentence Keywords", Shengwei Hu (华侨大学)*; Bicheng Li (华侨大学); Kongjie Lin (华侨

          大学); Rui Wang (华侨大学); Kai Liu (华侨大学)

47    "A Multi-phase Iterative Approach for Anomaly Detection and its Agnostic Evaluation", Kévin Ducharlet (CARL Software)*

48   "Human-Centred Automated Reasoning for Regulatory Reporting via Knowledge-Driven Computing", Dilhan Thilakarathne (ING

         Bank)*; Newres Al Haider (ING Bank), Joost Bosman (ING Bank)

49    "Consensus-Based Protocol for Distributed Exploration and Mapping", Zilong Jiao (Syracuse University)*; Jae Oh (Syracuse 


50    "A Real-Time Actor-Critic Architecture for Continuous Control", Zilong Jiao (Syracuse University)*; Jae Oh (Syracuse University)

51    "Mathematical Expression Retrieval in PDFs from the Web Using Mathematical Term Queries", Kuniko Yamada (Osaka City

          University)*; Harumi Murakami (Osaka City University)

55    "Action-Based Programming with YAGI - An Update on Usability and Performance", Thomas Eckstein (Graz University of Technology);

          Gerald Steinbauer (TU Graz)*

56    "Deep Learning for QoS-Aware Resource Allocation  in Cognitive Radio Networks", Jerzy Martyna (Jagiellonian University)*

57    "Automatic Identification of Account Sharing For Video Streaming Services", Wei Zhang (Adobe)*

59    "A Model for Predicting Terrorist Network Lethality and Cohesiveness", Botambu Collins (Yeungnam University); Dinh Tuyen Hoang

         (Yeungnam University); Dosam Hwang (Yeungnam University)*

61    "A heuristic for the two-dimensional irregular bin packing problem with limited rotations", Qiang Liu (Guangdong University of

         Technology); Zeng JiaWei (GDUT); Zhang Hao (guangdong university of technology); Lijun Wei (Guangdong University of


62    "An enhanced whale optimization algorithm for the two-dimensional irregular strip packing problem", Qiang Liu (Guangdong

          University of Technology); 黄泽辉 Zehui Huang (Guangdong University of Technology); Zhang Hao (guangdong university of

          technology); Lijun Wei (Guangdong University of Technology)*

64    "Applying Convolutional Neural Networks to Predict Consumers’ Affective Preferences on Product Design", Chung-Hsing Yeh

         (Monash University); Chun-Chun Wei (National Taipei University of Business); Ian Wang (Monash University); Bernie Walsh (Monash

         University); Yang-Cheng Lin (National Cheng Kung University)*

66    "Reainforcement Learning based Real-Time Pricing in Open Cloud Markets", PANKAJ PRAKASH MISHRA (NAGOYA INSTITUTE OF



67    "Driver License Field Detection using Real-Time Deep Networks", Chun-Ming Tsai (University of Taipei)*; Jun-Wei Hsieh (College of

         Artificial Intelligence and Green Energy ); Ming-Ching Chang (Albany University); Yu-Chen Lin (University of Taipei)

69    "Variable Transformation to a 2x2 domain space for Edge Matching Puzzles", Tom Aspinall (Bond University); Adrian Gepp (Bond

          University)*; Geoff Harris (Bond University); Bruce Vanstone (Bond University)

71    "S2RSCS: An Efficient Scientific Submission Recommendation System for Computer Science", Thanh Binh Nguyen (University of

          Science)*; Phong Huynh (University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City); Huu Dac Nguyen (University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City); Cuong

         Dinh (University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City); Son Huynh (University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City)

75    "A novel weighted Jaccard index of electronic medical record for disease prediction", Tun-Wen Pai (National Taipei University of


79    "On the Use of Answer Set Programming for Model-based Diagnosis", Franz Wotawa (Graz University of Technology, Institute for

          Software Technology)*

80    "The differential feature detection and the clustering analysis to breast cancers", Juanying  Xie (Shaanxi Normal University)*

83    "Optimal Trajectory Tracking Control for a UAV Based on Linearized Dynamic Error", Christian P. Carvajal (Universidad Nacional de

          San Juan)*; Victor Hugo Andaluz Ortiz (Espe)

84    "Parallel Mining of Partial Periodic Itemsets inSpark In-Memory Computing Architecture", Saideep chennupati (IIIT Hyderabd)*; Uday

          Kiran RAGE (University of Tokyo)

85    "Colored Petri Net Modeling for Prediction Processes in Machine Learning", Morikazu Nakamura (University of the Ryukyus)*

87    "Enrichment of the semantics of temporal relations for temporal pattern mining using real world data", Ryosuke Matsuo (University of

          Miyazaki Hospital)*; Tomoyoshi Yamazaki (University of Miyazaki Hospital); Muneo Kushima (University of Miyazaki Hospital ); Kenji

         Araki (University of Miyazaki Hospital )

92    "A Quality Assessment Tool for Koblenz Datasets using Metrics-Driven Approach", Szymon Pucher (Wrcolaw University of Science and

         Technology); Dariusz Krol (Wrcolaw University of Science and Technology)*

93    "Process decomposition and test selection for distributed fault diagnosis", Elodie Chanthery (LAAS-CNRS)*; Anna Sztyber (Institute

        of Automatic Control and Robotics, Warsaw University of Technology); Louise Travé-Massuyès (CNRS, LAAS-CNRS); Carlos Gustavo

        Pérèz-Zuniga (Engineering Department, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru)

98    "Applying Cluster-based Zero-shot Classifier to Data Imbalance Problems", Toshitaka Hayashi (Iwate Prefectural University)*; Kotaro

          Ambai (Iwate Prefectural University); Hamido  Fujita (Iwate Prefectural University)

103  "Mining Closed Inter-Transaction Patterns based on N-list", Ngo Thanh Nguyen (Faculty of Computer Science and Management,

         Wroclaw University of Science and Technology); Loan Nguyen (International University); Bay Vo ("HCM City University of Technology,

         Vietnam")*; Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)

105  "AI for Health – Knowledge-based Generation of Tailor-made Exercise Plans", Florian Grigoleit  (Technical University of Munich )*;

          Peter Struss (Technical University of Munich); Florian Kreuzpointner (TU Munich)

106  "Non-Linear Control of Aerial Manipulator Robots Based on Numerical Methods",  David F Grijalva (Universidad de las Fuerzas

          Armadas ESPE)*; Victor Andazul (Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE)

107  "Many-to-One Stable Matching for Prediction in Social Networks", Zengchang Qin (Intelligent Computing & Machine Learning Lab,

         School of ASEE, Beihang University)*; Tao Wan (Beihang University); Ke  Dong  (University of Toronto)

109  "Automatic Fake News Detection by Exploiting User's Assessments on Social Networks: A Case Study of Twitter", Van Cuong Tran

         (Quang Binh University)*

114  "Increasing the Inference and Learning Speed of Tsetlin Machines with Clause Indexing", Saeed Rahimi Gorji (University of Agder)*;

         Ole-Christoffer Granmo (University of Agder); Sondre Glimsdal (Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR), University of Agder,

         Norway); Jonathan Edwards (Temporal Computing); Morten Goodwin (University of Agder)

IKEDS-2  "Determining Sufficient Volume of Data For Analysis With Statistical Framework",

                 Tanvi Barot , Gautam Srivastava, and Vijay Mago

IKEDS-3  "A Fuzzy Crow Search Algorithm for Solving Data Clustering Problem",

                 Ze-Xue Wu , Ko-Wei Huang, and Chu-Sing Yang

IKEDS-4  "TKE: Mining Top-K Frequent Episodes", Philippe Fournier-Viger, Yanjun Yang, Peng Yang, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin and Unil Yun

IKEDS-5  "Faster R-CNN Based Fault Detection in Industrial images", Faisal Saeed, Anand Paul and Seungmin Rho

IKEDS-6  "Distributed Density Peak Clustering of Trajectory Data on Spark",

                 Yunhong Zheng, Xinzheng Niu, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Fan Li and Lin Gao

IKEDS-7  "TKU-CE: Cross-Entropy Method for Mining Top-K High Utility Itemsets", Wei Song, Lu Liu and Chaomin Huang

IKEDS-8  "Mining Cross-Level High Utility Itemsets", Philippe Fournier-Viger, Ying Wang, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Jose Maria Luna and

                  Sebastian Ventura

IKEDS-11  "Mining of the Non-dominated High Expected Utility Patterns from Uncertain Databases", Usman Ahmed, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin,

                 Youcef Djenouri, Gautam Srivastava and Suresh Kumar Mukhiya

IKEDS-12  "Maintenance of Prelarge High Average-Utility Patterns in Incremental Databases",

                  Ming-Tai Wu, Qian Teng, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Philippe Fournier-Viger and Chien-Fu Cheng


 ID                                                 "Paper Title" ,   Authors

4     "Self-Understanding Support Tool using Twitter Sentiment Analysis", Harumi Murakami (Osaka City University)*; Naoya Ejima (Osaka

         City University); Naoto Kumagai (Osaka City University)

31   "Deep Reinforcement Learning for Foreign Exchange Trading", Chun-Chieh Wang (National Chengchi University); Yun-Cheng Tsai

        (Soochow University)*

36   "Estimation of Cable Lines Insulating Materials Resource Using Multistage Neural Network Forecasting Method", Marina N. Dubyago

        (SFEDU); Nikolay Poluyanovich ( SFEDU)*; Mikhail Medvedev (Southern Federal University); Nikolay Azarov (SFEDU); Alexander

        Ogrenichev (South Federal University)

44   "Discriminative Features Fusion with BERT for Social Sentiment Analysis", Le Duy Duc Nguyen (Graduate Institute of Data Science,

        Taipei Medical University); Yen-Chun Huang (Graduate Institute of Data Science, Taipei Medical University); Yung-Chun Chang (Taipei

        Medical University)*

58   "Optimal control problem of a differential drive robot.", Luis Fernando F Recalde (Espe)*; Bryan Stefano  Guevara (Espe); Victor Hugo

         Andaluz Ortiz (Espe)

63   "A heuristic approach to the three dimensional strip packing problem considering practical constraints", Qiang Liu (Guangdong

        University of Technology); Lin Dehao (Guangdong University of Technology); Zhang Hao (guangdong university of technology); Lijun

       Wei (Guangdong University of Technology)*

68   "Managing situations with high number of elements in Group Decision Making", Juan Antonio Morente-Molinera (University of

         Granada)*; Sergio Alonso (University of Granada); Sergio Ríos-Aguilar (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja); Ruben González Crespo

        (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR)); Enrique Herrera-Viedma (University of Granada)

73   "A Machine Learning Approach for Classifying Movement Styles based on UHF-RFID Detections", Christoph Uran (Carinthia University

        of Applied Sciences)*; Markus Prossegger (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences); Sebastian Vock (Carinthia University of Applied

        Sciences); Helmut Wöllik (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences)

76   "Development and Research of a Terminal Regulator for Marine Robots", Boris Gurenko (Southern Federal University)*; Viacheslav

         Pshikhopov (Southern Federal University)

90   "Model-based Decision Support Systems - Conceptualization and General Architecture", Peter Struss (TU Munich)*


         Essam Saber (Intixel)*; Dina Abdelraouf (Intixel); Mustafa Elattar (Nile University)

97   "A Decision Support System to Provide Criminal Pattern Based Suggestions to Travelers", Khin Nandar Win (Hunan University)*;

        Jianguo Chen (Hunan University); Duan Mingxing (Hunan University); Guoqing Xiao (Hunan University); Kenli Li (Hunan University);

        Philippe Fournier-Viger (Harbin Inst. of Technology (Shenzhen))

104  "Construction and Control Aerial Manipulator Robot",  Steeven J Loor (Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE)*; Victor Hugo

          Andaluz Ortiz (Espe)

111  "Nonlinear 3D Visual Control for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle", Daniel Guevara (Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE)*

112  "A Regression Tsetlin Machine with Integer Weighted Clauses for Compact Pattern Representation", Kuruge Darshana Abeyrathna

          (University of Agder, Norway)*; Ole-Christoffer Granmo (University of Agder); Morten Goodwin (University of Agder)




 ID                                                 "Paper Title" ,   Authors

37   "A multi-agent model for countering terrorism", oussama kebir (institut supérieur de gestion tunis)*; issam nouaouri (université

         d'Artois); mouna kebir (Institut supérieur des études technologiques de Béja); Lamjed Ben Said (SOIE Laboratory, High Institute of

         Management, Tunisia)

43   "Recognition and Generation of Drawing Figures Using Neurodynamical Model Considering Pen", Yusuke Kubono (Tokushima

         University)*; Shun Nishide (Tokushima University); Xin Kang (Tokushima University); Fuji Ren (Tokushima University)

72   "DFS2P: An Efficient Deduplication Framework For SaaS Platforms", Thanh Binh Nguyen (University of Science)*; Quy Nguyen

        (Inspectorio); Huu Dac Nguyen (University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City)

82   "Opinion Mining Classifier for Jordanian Dialect", Said A Salloum (University of Sharjah)*; Khaled Shaalan (The British University in

         Dubai); Ahmed  Khamees ( The British University in Dubai); Hani  Hejazi ( The British University in Dubai)

86   "The Potential of Machine Learning Techniques to Predict the Students’ Performances Based on Big Data of Students’ Information",

         Afiqah Zahirah Zakaria (Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Ali Selamat (Universiti

         Teknologi Malaysia)*; Ondrej Krejcar (University of Hradec Kralove)

88   "Research on Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Top-N Recommendation", Bo Huang (SUES)*

91   "Stock Portfolio Management with Deep Reinforcement Learning Methods", Ping Yang (Shanghai University); Xing Wu (Shanghai


96   "The time Efficient Centralization Measure for Social Networks Assessment", Rafał Palak (Wrocław University of Science and

         Technology)*; Krystian Wojtkiewicz (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)

102  "Empirical Study of K-means Clustering on Usability Performance Metrics in MAR-learning",  Kok Cheng Lim (Universiti Tenaga

          Nasional)*; Ali Selamat (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Mohd Hazli Mohamed Zabil (Universiti Tenaga Nasional); Md Hafiz Selamat

         (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Rose Alinda Alias (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Fatimah Puteh (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia);

          Farhan Mohamed (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Ondrej Krejcar (University of Hradec Kralove)

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