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Keynote Speech I

・Title: Utilization of Artificial Intelligence in Crisis Response

Speaker: Michinori Hatayama,

    Professor, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University


In crisis management, the proper allocation of limited human and physical resources under ever-changing circumstances is crucial, and its success or failure is often directly linked to human lives. In particular, in the case of a massive disaster that is unprecedented, there is a chance of resources in the disaster area being depleted with limited or no capability to replenish the same from outside the affected location. In the event of such a disaster, one means of effective response is to automate the necessary tasks. To optimize resource allocation, it is necessary to understand when, where, and what demands exist; however, it is also difficult to satisfy these requirements quickly and effectively. Normally, accurate information over time is sought after and optimal deployment is aimed at; however, when a disaster occurs, circumstances often change (in many cases, deteriorating), while waiting for information such that even if unverified, the available information must be interpreted and responded to expediently. Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered highly useful during crisis management because it can make calculations and present probable outcomes, even with insufficient information. However, one must be careful because using the technology blindly without reining can lead to errors in judgment. In this presentation, we consider the possibilities of utilizing AI in response to a disaster. In particular, the processes to be followed using AI, which has been drawing attention in recent years, in actual disaster response, has been explained, with reference to the services witnessed and cases encountered by us.

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