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Registration SOMET 2022

Dear attendees,

We would like to express our appreciation and congratulation for the distinguished works you had contributed to SOMET 2022. Please follow the following instructions to accomplish the required procedures for conference registration.

All attendees for SOMET 2022 are kindly requested to register.

Related forms and supporting documents must be received with payment in JPY (Japanese Yen) no later than July 7, 2022.

Please note that at least one author per paper must register before  July 7, 2022.

Otherwise the paper will not be included in the SOMET 2022 technical program and proceedings.

Please also note that the page length limit is 12 pages for a regular paper, and 8 pages for a short paper.

Extra pages (up to + 8 pages for each paper) will incur extra page charges.

The registration fee includes conference proceedings, published by IOS.

An official receipt for the payment will be offered by e-mail.

Thank you again for your contribution to SOMET 2022.  

We look forward to meeting you in the conference.

Conference Registration Fees

Speakers authors, co-authors all category for both Regular and Short paper's registration

*Each paper should be registered with one registration.

 (Up to 12 pages for a regular paper and 8 pages for a short paper in IOS format)

3,500 JPY per page

Extra Pages

(Up to + 8 pages for a regular and a short paper)

 55,000 JPY (Credit Card),           60,000 JPY (Bank Transfer)

Registration Method

DEADLINES:  July 7, 2022

Each accepted paper at least one author should be registered.

Please fill in the registration form and pay the registration fee by the credit card payment system to be available from July 1st, 2022 with a link to be sent to all authors by email, and also to be added into this page. 

In this system, multiple e-mail address can not be registered because of server regulation.
So, if you make multiple papers registration, please use a different e-mail address like Gmail etc. for a different paper.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Please feel free to let us know if you have any problem regarding the conference registration.

Bank Transfer related information:

If you wish to make a bank transfer, please transfer to the account below.

In that case, please send both of the payment proof document and the filled registration form to

Jun Sasaki by e-mail (jsasaki[at],  ([at]=@)).

Please make a bank transfer by July 7, 2022.

Bank account name:  i-SOMET

Bank Name: The Bank of Iwate, Ltd

Branch Name: Matsuzono (Branch Number 082)

Account Number: 2186309

Beneficiary Telephone number: +81-19-664-6316
Beneficiary address: 2 Chome-27-5 Kotorizawa, Morioka-shi, Iwate 020-0104, Japan
Bank Address: 3 Chome-23-12 Nishimatsuzono, Morioka, Iwate 020-0103, Japan

Bank Telephone number: +81-19-661-6111
Bank Swift code: BAIWJPJT

*Please: Make sure that the bank charges are from the sender and not from the Beneficiary.

For Registration initiated inside Japan:


この場合、振込が分かる伝票と参加者の情報を記入した参加申込書(registration form )をメールで事務局

佐々木淳 (jsasaki[at],  ([at]=@))までお送りください。

銀行振り込みの期日は, 7月7日(木)とさせていただきます。


支店名:松園支店 (082)

種  別:普通




Contact: Organizing Chair of SOMET 2022:

Prof. Jun Sasaki, Iwate Prefectural University, i-SOMET Ltd. (Japan)

e-mail: jsasaki[at],  or jsasaki[at], ([at]=@), Tel: +81-19-694-2568,

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